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Our company assists businesses of all sizes in preparing for new construction or even renovations projects. Our expert commercial demolition services in Las Vegas, NV have helped many tear down previous structures and made way for new ones to take their place. Our team of Highly skilled demolition contractors are capable of efficiently and safely demolishing any commercial property, be it large office buildings or even retail spaces. We have also carried out casino demolition in Las Vegas, NV too and is one of our main specialties. As you know, our market has numerous casinos and many of them are prone to structural deterioration over time, and this calls for demolition for the safety of its guests.

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Las Vegas Demolition Company

We provide interior demolition in Las Vegas, NV and can remove walls, ceilings, floors, and many other components of commercial buildings. Whether you’re looking at having carpets or walls removed, we’ve got you covered. This process often comes right before any major remodeling service and we are happy to be a part of it!

Selective Demolition Las Vegas, NV

This process is also known as deconstruction, and this type of commercial demolition involves the dismantling of portions or different parts of buildings, such as a floor in a highrise or a section in a building. We use selective demolition in Las Vegas, NV to salvage materials for reuse and to help preserve historic structures as well. This is an extremely strategic process that takes a ton of planning. Just like interior demolition, selective demolition often comes before any remodeling projects or major renovation. Selective demolition differs from traditional demolition, where buildings and structures are totally demolished and torn down. The selective process is very controlled and precise, allowing for specific components to be taken out and helps preserve more of the building or structure. 

We always begin selective demolition in Las Vegas, NV with a detailed assessment of each and every building, as well as any specific areas that need removal. Our assessments always examine the structural Integrity of the building, the location of any utilities, and any other important pieces that need removal. Once our assessments complete, our team develops a detailed plan for the removal process. This might include identifying any tools or equipment needed, any safety precautions, or environmental concerns. We carefully remove the targeted components using specialized tools that get the job done right. We often use saws or drills  to remove structures  like walls, floors, and even ceilings.

Total Demolition Las Vegas, NV

When everything needs to be demolished, we call this total demolition, also known as complete demolition. This process Involves The total Destruction and tear down of a structure or building. this type of demolition is typically used when any structure or building is no longer safe, or the structural integrity is no longer sound. We also use total demolition in Las Vegas, NV when an entire site is needed for new construction and it all must come down! My team has extensive experience with this, and personally, its our favorite! This technique usually is performed when buildings are not safe anymore, and is a key component for new construction. We have been an integral part of our community by providing effective demolition to old and unsafe structures. Once our wreckers have torn down a structure, our trucks come in and load up the debris and take them away. We dispose of all debris from our total demolition projects in Las Vegas and will leave the property in great condition. Our Las Vegas demolition crew has been at this for about 15 years and won’t stop! We try to recycle as much as possible from our job sites. From apartments, to corporate buildings, to casino demolition in Las Vegas, NV, we can do it all!

Total Demolition Las Vegas, NV

When factories, bridges, or even power plant structures become obsolete, you’ll need Las Vegas industrial demolition to take care of the mess. Many old and dated foundations become weak over time and need to be taken down to avoid accidental collapse. We have been in this industry for a long time and have a track record of successfully completing Las Vegas industrial demolition projects. Technology has advanced over the past decade, but so have we. You won’t have to worry if we can get the work done, because our 15 years of experience proves otherwise.

Implosion Demolition Las Vegas, NV

High Reach Demolition

We are pros at high reach demolition in Las Vegas Nevada. This service is very specialized and usually involves the use of hydraulic excavators to take down high structures and buildings that are more out of reach than conventional demolition equipment. A lot of the sites we work at are located in really confined spaces, and the safety of nearby buildings must be carefully considered. We are the right demolition contractor in Las Vegas for high reach services. 

My team and I have been practicing implosion demolition in Las Vegas, NV since 2009. This technique is used to demolish large structures with the help of explosives, causing a controlled collapse. Our explosives are set to detonate in a matter of seconds, and minimize damage to its surroundings. This form of demolition is very controlled, don’t let the word “explosives” make you think otherwise. We have used this technique for many bridges, chemical plants, casinos, and smokestacks for years. It’s amazing how quickly buildings turn into rubble, we’re talking seconds! We are the number one implosion demolition service in Las Vegas, NV!


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