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Demolition Company Las Vegas

Is your family or business interested in reliable demolition in Las Vegas, NV, Henderson, NV, or the surrounding areas? Our highly trained team of professionals understands the significance of each project and treats each client’s property as if it were our own. We have over 20 years of experience with many types of demolition services. Our goal is to make this process easy for our clients that support us. From commercial wrecking to residential demolition, Las Vegas Demolition Pros has the knowledge and skillset to get any project done, small or large! Let our certified and licensed professionals handle your tough jobs. We are the experts at tearing down large buildings and structures safely and efficiently. We have the knowledge and equipment to demolish commercial, residential, and casino demolition in Vegas.

In addition to wrecking, we also offer concrete removal, pool destruction, house demolition, and even land clearing services. Our reputation comes from our dedication and commitment to our craft—destroying things! As fun as destroying things is, we do take our job extremely seriously and keep safety at the forefront of each and every job we do. Our safety coordinator works with each of our team members to ensure proper safety before we go on site. We follow all local and government regulations

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Here is What We Can Demolish!

As the leading Las Vegas demolition company, we specialize in all types of services. We are fully licensed and insured and are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind that their demo projects are in good hands. We are located in the heart of Las Vegas, just two miles down the road from Caesars Palace and have been serving the valley for over 15 years. You can trust our destruction specialists with all you wrecking needs!

Parking Garages

Las Vegas Demolition is trained and equipped to demolish any parking garage that we encounter. No matter how big and complicated the structure is, our team is professionally trained for the job. 



We are the leading casino wreckers in the valley! We get calls just about every day regarding casino demolition. Have a casino you need taken down? Let us safely and smoothly take it down for you!


demolition contractors las vegas

We are the leading contractor in Las Vegas for house demolition. We focus on the tearing down of residential buildings like apartments, homes, and condominium complexes. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced with residential structures and uses the right equipment for the job. We get it done right the first time, every time. Let Las Vegas Demolition be your go-to for residential wrecking!


We take pride in the services we offer the local community. With decades of experience on my team, we can certainly tear down any residential or commercial property at great prices! Las Vegas Demolition offers expert advice to our clients and deliver great results.
We work closely with property owners to complete any job assigned to us. We have an immense amount of experience tearing down buildings, warehouses.


Las Vegas Demolition is your go-to industrial wrecker. Our team can carefully dismantle and remove large industrial structures such as factories, power plants, and warehouses. These buildings can be extremely dangerous to take down, and we take our safety protocol very seriously. They are often very complex, as there can be hazardous materials inside as well as electrical power still present. Our company works closely with engineers to get detailed plans and mappings of each structure we work on as well. If you want to hire the best specialists in the valley, then give us a call today!

Concrete Removal

demolition contractors las vegas

We pride ourselves on our effective methods of removing concrete structures and slabs. As the leading concrete removal company in Las Vegas, NV, doing the job right is of paramount importance. We can remove slabs of concrete, foundations of houses or businesses, and many other structures from worksites. We also remove concrete driveways, patios, and any sidewalk! Las Vegas Demolition has been recognized as the best destruction contractor in the area. We use state-of-the art excavators, jackhammers, and bulldozers to get each of our jobs done right. This ensures that we can handle any size concrete project that comes our way.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is a vital step and preparing any site for construction and or development. With us, we have an endless knowledge of effective land clearing in Las Vegas Nevada, which is why we offer top-notch services to meet the needs of any client. We can remove large or small trees, and any vegetation, as well as leveling and Grading of any landscape. If you’re looking to prepare a site for construction or landscaping,  our land clearing services are the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! We Put our clients’ needs first every time, so give us a call today!

Quick Response Rate

Las Vegas Demolition responds to our requests within one business day!

15+ Years of Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in our local community! 

Credit Cards Accepted

We accept all major credit cards

Demolition Company in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Our Vegas demolition contractors are the best in southern Nevada and have the expertise to get any job done. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Las Vegas Demolition ensures each and every customer is satisfied at the end of each project. We are communicative, responsive, and work really closely with clients to truly hone in on their needs by providing customized solutions that meet their goals. 

Demolition Contractors Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas Demolition is the number one residential demolition company in Vegas and provides services in Paradise, NV and even Henderson. We have given quality services to our customers in all of southern Nevada for over 20 years! We have been in our local community for awhile now and are growing every single year. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done every time. Our team of professionals and highly skilled wrecking contractors can remove interior components of any building, including walls, flooring, and ceilings. Call us today for a quote!

Vegas Demolition​

Why Choose Las Vegas Demolition?

  1. Experience and expertise

We have over 15 years of experience in this industry and our team has developed a high level of skill in every aspect of this trade. We are also well versed in the latest techniques, and our tools and equipment can handle any project.


  1. We put safety first

We place safety above all else, and is of the utmost importance to our team. We are trained and certified to follow very strict guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of every team member and client involved in each project, as well as the general public. We guarantee safety throughout the process. As part of the demolition association, we value safety!


  1. Environmental Responsibility

This company is dedicated to reducing our footprint in the environment and promoting sustainable practices. We properly disposes of any hazardous material that we deal with on every project like lead or asbestos, and recycles waste like such.


  1. Customer Satisfaction

We really do care about our clients and focus on giving the regions leading customer service. We ensure each and every customer is satisfied at the end of each project. We are communicative, responsive, and work really close with clients to truly hone in on their needs by providing customized solutions that meet their goals.


Trusted Wrecking Contractors

We are the premier wrecking company in the valley. Las Vegas Demolition understands that every project is different and unique, and we work closely with each of our clients to build a personal relationship and commit to customer satisfaction. Our reputation is second to none and we are a viable partner in the construction industry. Not only are we proud to be a locally owned and operated business, but we take a great deal of pride when it comes to serving the Vegas community. If you’re in need of commercial demolition, we are your one-stop shop! 

We have completed hundreds of projects in Vegas and the surrounding areas. Some of the projects include pool destruction, residential and commercial demolition, and casino wrecking.

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